Pond Aeration

Get The Right Kind Of Fountain

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If your pond doesn’t have a fountain of its own then you should buy at least one as soon as possible so that you could improve its look and so that you could have something that could help you maintain the water of your waterhole. Although you can have a water garden without a fountain, you should go ahead and buy one instead of settling for average fishpond supplies so that you would have a device that can also let you have an impressive kind of pond. Most ponds may have fishes and water plants in them but only some fishponds have a fountain installed. Just because having a device that can spray water is advantageous, however, it doesn’t mean that you should settle for any type of fountain. You should be choosy when it comes to selecting a fountain because not all models are created equally and some are far better than others. For some tips that may assist you in select the right kind of pond spray, please keep on reading.

Of course, it would be best for you to go for the model that has lights connected to it. That’s so you would have a fountain that not only spurts water but also has the things in it that could illuminate your pond. For practicality, you should choose a water fountain that has lights and nozzles that can be interchanged or replaced easily so that you would be able to change the design of your pond from time to time. But, if possible, you should go for the type of fountain that can provide your fishpond with more than just design. If you could, you should select the kind that can also help you move and clean the water of your waterhole.

Right now, there are fountains that come with aerators and filters. You should definitely choose them over ordinary ones that don’t have such features because you still need to constantly improve the oxygen content of the water of your pool and you still have to get rid of things that could make your pond dirty. However, if you could, you should choose the type of fountain that has replacement parts. After all, you won’t know when a fountain’s nozzles would become busted or unusable and technical issues could occur in a fountain’s motor. When you’re shopping for water sprays, look for kasco fountain parts as well. That’s so you would find out which fountain models have spare parts.

You may want to go for a fountain that is considered to be decorative too, to make the most of your money. Instead of going for an ordinary type that shoots water in one direction, you should select the kind that has multiple nozzles that can be switched. If you have the money to pay for a premium model, on the other hand, you should go ahead and buy such a product. After all, premium fountains are designed to have large coverage, are equipped with motors that are excellent in quality and also parts that are truly water-resistant.

Fittings for an Aeration System

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There are several pond aeration systems you can buy in order to avoid your pond becoming over grown with algae due to the water having inadequate oxygen. These systems are usually divided into two categories; those suitable for ponds with a depth of 6 feet or less and those with a depth which is more than 6 feet. Obviously as there are different systems available, the pond aeration fittings also differ but most will need a power source of one kind or another. Most aeration systems will work with mains power but as some ponds are located far from a mains outlet, some come with their own source of power. Some systems come with a windmill kit and once set up; the turning of the windmill will provide enough power to operate that particular aeration system it came with. Other aeration systems use the power of the sun as they come complete with a solar energy kit.

Obviously these solar kits need sunlight in order to provide power but some of them are able to allow the aeration system to work for 3 days without seeing any sunlight. Although these individual power sources are intended for use where ponds are far from a mains outlet, they can still be used by people that do not want their mains bill to increase. Fountains can be very pretty and are often used to enhance the beauty of a pond but a fountain is also an efficient aeration system for a shallow pond. The fountain creates circulation in the water of the pond which in turn allows for different water to be thrown up by the water. As the water is thrown into the air, it has the opportunity to react with the air and extract the oxygen it needs to remain healthy. Perhaps not providing the elegance that a fountain can, a propeller aeration system is also as efficient as a fountain when it comes to the aeration of a pond. With this system the propellers churn up the water at the surface of the pond, allowing it to come into contact with air and as the propellers also create a circulation, they also allow all the water in the pond to become aerated.

When a pond does not have aeration, it will slowly become unhealthy with the fish first dying and then the algae which thrive on un-oxygenated water at the bottom of bodies of stagnant water, then taking over the whole pond. Not only do these algae look unsightly but it also produces an odour which most people find unpleasant. As algae start to grow at the bottom of ponds, it is important to use a diffusion aeration system for the deeper ponds. With one of these systems, a compressor pushes air to a diffusion unit located at the bottom of the pond. Air passes from the compressor through a hose to the diffusion unit where it is allowed to escape into the water at the bottom of the pond, aerating it and it continues to aerate the water all the way to the surface.