Window Replacement

Installation of Replacement Windows

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Prior to the 1860s, single paned windows were usually used for a house but these were very inefficient at keeping heat inside a house. After 1960, double glazed windows started to appear and these proved to be far better at retaining the heat within a house meaning, heating bills cost less. It stands to reason therefore that many people that own houses which were built prior to 1960, replace their single pane windows with double paned windows as in doing so, they can save on average $500 each and every year on their heating bills.

Unfortunately though new windows are not cheap, especially doubled paned windows and so to buy them and pay for their installation can cost as much as $12,000. Although this means it will take a home owner several years to recoup the expense of the new windows, most believe it is worth it. In order to ensure that you make the $500 in savings, it is important to ensure that the replacement windows are installed correctly, so as to make maximum use of their energy efficiency. This means that DIY enthusiasts are usually advised to call in a professional to do the installing as one small mistake could affect the window’s efficiency and no savings may be made. Of course hiring a contractor to do the installation can also be a problem; as you may not know which contractor can be trusted with such a delicate task. This was recently shown to be true by a study carried out in Wisconsin. The results of the study showed that 67% of contractors that offer to do window installation were either unqualified or did not have appropriate insurance and should not be hired. This made Milwaukee Window Replacement options a little trickier as house owners now check a contractor’s licence and insurance before hiring and some house owners even check for reviews of a contractor’s work on the internet before hiring them.

It isn’t everybody that has single pane windows that change them as some opt to have their current windows repaired or adapted to become more energy efficient. This may entail re-caulking or adding weather stripping but by doing this, savings can be made on heating bills without the $12,000 investment. Of course there are people that cannot afford the $12,000 and so have no choice but to try and make their existing windows as energy efficient as possible. Some people will choose not to change their windows as they fear that by changing them, their house could lose some of its value. Although in most instances, replacing single pane windows with double paned windows will increase a house’s value, if the windows or house have some historic value or if the existing windows are stained glass, it is possible that by replacing the windows will cause the house’s value to drop. If you do c opt to change your windows, look at several reviews for the different windows available and try and choose the ones that will afford you the best savings.