Reviewing Faucets

As with most things today, there are review sites online which review some or even all of the many different types of faucet you can buy for your kitchen. The kitchen faucets reviews are worth looking at as perhaps all review sites are as they give you a good idea of what exactly you want before you even go to the store or order one online. Some of these review sites may even quote prices but as prices can vary from store to store or area to area, they may not be accurate, unless of course they take orders on the same site, however, even if the prices are not accurate they should give you an indication of which are the more expensive and which are the cheapest, plus how varied those prices are.

Of course, when faucets were first invented by the Minoan civilization about 1700BC, they did not have much choice in faucets but as they were made from gold, silver or marble, it was perhaps only the wealthy that could afford them anyway. The Romans also liked faucets which they had at their public baths but in their case, they would use faucets made of silver but still, the fittings were still made of gold or marble. Over the centuries faucets became popular across much of the world but those were not usually so ornate and were made from the cheaper material but the basic faucet passed down from the Minoans and the Romans were used right up until the middle of the 20th century until a student scalded his hand from the water from one. The student’s name was AL Moen who has now become famous for his faucet designs.

It was in 1937 when Moen scalded his hand but he spent the next several years trying to invent a new type of faucet which would, hopefully, avoid someone else getting scalded themselves like he had been. Although it took several attempts, by 1947 he had been successful, so successful in fact that by 1959, just 20 years after being scalded and a mere 10 years from his design, faucets with his design were being sold in over 55 different countries and in the United States alone, more than one million homes were using them. The design continued to grow in popularity so that today, more than 50% of all homes in the US have his design of faucet.

Although Moen faucets do appear strongly in the relevant market outlets today, there are no other names and brands that also feature and are enjoying a limited success and may someday, seriously jeopardize Moen’s sales. It is for this reason that it may be prudent to look at review sites for faucets before buying one as, although the Moen faucets are now well tried and tested, some of the other types of faucet are quickly becoming more fashionable and so may just be more suitable for your specific needs or proposed kitchen designs. No matter what you are looking to buy, these days it is often better to look online first to see exactly what is available.